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Program Builders Summer Programs!


Date:April 24, 2012
Time:07:00 PM


Program Builders announces summer 2012 programs!

Little Seedlings: for children entering pre-school through exiting first grade.  In addition to working on academic goals, hands-on activiites, dramatic play and group learning activities.  Children learn in a fun environment that incorporates social, behavioral and communication learning into all aspects of the day.  Self help and daily living skills are also incorporated.

Budding Saplings is for children entering second grade through exiting fifth grade.  This program's community helper's theme encourages children to develop independence and choice making skills in a fun learning environment.  Individual and group activities.  Children learn cooperative skills by socializing, planning and/or performing special events.  Social skills, independence, and decision making skills are focus.  Academics are also incorporated.

Redwood Pioneers is for children entering sixth grade through exiting ninth grade.  This session encourages community involvement by teaching life skills related to everyday interactions.  Scenario based teaching using modeling and physical practice is incorporated throughout the week.  Community outings are planned each week to encourage generalization of skills.  Children learn organizational and cooperative skills by planning and/or performing special events.  Academics also included.

Contact Program Builders for a screening intake at 860-295-0366.  Located at 3 East Hampton Road, Suite 7, Marlborough.