Sample Script


Below is a sample script for contacting your legislator: Feel free to use this template, to get you started. Please edit it based on the issue at hand and your own writing style:

Hello Representative/Senator __________________,

My name is ____________, and I live in ___________________, Connecticut. I am contacting you because I am very concerned for the future of my son/daughter/family member/friend. 
My son/daughter/family member/friend {insert name here} has an autism spectrum disorder.
Connecticut does not provide services for adults who have Autism Spectrum Disorders but do not have mental retardation and _____________ {insert name} will be 21 in ____ number of years/ is ___ years old and receives no services. I am writing to you about Bill No {reference bill number} which would {state what bill would do} and I urge you to support it. ______ {insert name} can live and work in the community as a productive member of society but not without the appropriate supports. This bill will allow for _______ {insert name} to access these supports and live up to his/her fullest potential.

You can reach me at _________ {insert telephone number} or _________ {insert e-mail address}. I look forward to discussing this important issue with you at your earliest convenience.
Thank you again for your time.

Very truly yours,


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