Autism Orientation Workshop – Faith Communities


In this one-session overview, faith communities will learn about:

  • characteristics and behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • teaching, social and behavioral strategies
  • developing interventions and family support services in our communities
  • parent perspectives on living with autism

This workshop is designed as a non-denominational approach to ministering to families living with autism in all of our faith communities. The workshop includes simple ideas for religious instruction and spiritual development that focus on the “how” of teaching a student with ASD and supporting the spiritual life of the family, not the “what.” Many of our families told us stories of how challenging they found including their child with ASD into their community of faith. Through this workshop, ASCONN helps our most compassionate communities understand the characteristics of autism and provides them with insight and ideas for meaningful inclusion so that they may continue their mission of service to families.


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