Autism Orientation Workshop – Peer Groups


In this one-session overview, peer groups will learn about:

  • characteristics and behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • how to understand why their friend with an ASD may speak, act or behave in a different manner
  • how to be a friend to someone ASD

Designed as an interactive and engaging presentation based on drawings by a teen with autism, this workshop can be presented to a wide range of audiences from kindergarten through high school. It can be brought into one classroom, an entire grade or multiple grades depending upon the needs of the group. This workshop is an ideal awareness program for school classes, youth groups and other community groups. With plenty of interaction and time for questions, this presentation provides the appropriate information to peers to enable them to begin to understand what autism is, why their friend with autism may speak, act or behave in an unusual manner, and how they can help their friend to cope with the demands of our social world.


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