ASCONN provides a grant program for families and persons with autism spectrum disorders. Applications for the ASCONN mini-grant program for the given year will generally be available in February of that year.

Grants will be accepted for up to $1,000 per grant for parents, family members, persons with autism or anyone working with persons on the autism spectrum.

Funds must be used to purchase items or services that directly relate to the safety and security of persons with autism or their families within Connecticut. Examples of appropriate items, activities or services include:

  • Purchasing of safety equipment for a person with autism (i.e., ID bracelet, tracking bracelet or equipment);
  • Purchasing of safety equipment for other community places serving persons with autism (i.e., fence, key locks, alarms, walkie-talkies, other safety equipment);
  • Purchasing of specialty car seats, strollers, head gear and other equipment;
  • Training of personnel (within the home or other community places serving persons with autism) in proper physical management techniques;
  • Training of community responders about autism.

To apply, simply download the application by clicking here or complete the online application form. If you prefer, email or call 888.453.4975 for an application.


All applications must be RECEIVED by 12:00 AM, Friday June 01, 2012. Grants will be awarded on or about September 1st. Recipients will be notified of grant approval in writing. Due to the number of applications received, only recipients will be notified.

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