Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH) Therapy

TEACCH is actually not a program, but rather is an integrated state-wide approach developed in North Carolina for meeting the needs of children with autism.


The main goal of TEACCH is to help autistic children grow up to a maximum autonomy at adult age. This includes helping them understand the world around them, acquiring communication skills that will enable them to relate to other people, and giving them the competence to be able to make choices concerning their own lives.


The major thrust is toward maximizing each child’s potential in the areas of communication skills and autonomy, using education as a means to achieve that goal.


The approach to behavior problems in a TEACCH program is to try to understand the underlying reasons for the behavior (anxiety, pain, difficulty with the task, unpredictable changes, boredom, etc). Doing this will give the person with autism a better means to understand his or her environment, so that the environment will come to seem more predictable and less anxiety generating. This may require simplifying things at first to create a comfort level, and then gradually increasing the complexity of the environment. Focusing on communication skills helps a person with autism understand the reasons for his or her own behavior and communicate underlying issues, both of which are helpful in improving behavior.


Learn more at the TEACCH website.

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